LOCAL COACH was the first on-demand service app for personal and group trainings. It offered every user the opportunity to have a workout whenever and wherever necessary. With only a few simple steps all available personal trainers showed up in a map of your current surrounding. Booking an appointment could be easily done on the phone while being out and about.

As technical partners we were involved in the whole project, starting with the initial concept development up until the final launch. Besides the development of native apps for Android and iOS our main focus was on the API which served as a central endpoint for the apps and the website as well. For the content and user management we opted for ProcessWire.

Sadly LOCAL COACH has already been quit.

Schauplatz Wittenberg

The LEUCOREA Foundation supports interdisciplinary scientists in the research of Ernestine Wittenberg. Within this project there were 15 houses discovered which belonged to the Cranach family during the renaissance. Our duty was to create a tour throughout Wittenberg which is supported by a mobile app to provide additional information at the location of these house.

We developed the concept and also the responsive design for the website which was built using ProcessWire as CMS and also endpoint for the mobile app. The app itself - running on iOS and Android - acts like a virtual tour guide and provides easy access to background information to the visitors. We also placed iBeacons at each location so the app can notify the user about nearby houses. This way all the relevant information is always at hand and the user doesn’t need to look it up.

snippy / BMW

snippy faces the challenges of our hectic everyday lives by offering a mobile app with short stories the user can either read or listen to. For this the app relies on a custom ePub reader with audio player. Not only did we create the iOS app but also the underlying database and backend architecture. The back end offers the ability to manage all the stories and authors, and it also offers an integrated custom converter to create new ePub files. But the most striking feature of this app is its complete integration in the multimedia infrastructure of BMW and Mini vehicles. This allows for a very comfortable in-car use by utilising the existing on-board systems, for example to create a playlist that lasts until the destination set via the on-board navigation system is reached.

Client: snippy GmbH


SimPholders is a little software tool developed by us and aimed directly at iOS developers. It makes many regular tasks a lot easier when developing for Apple's mobile OS, e.g. accessing all application folders from the status item. The feedback of many thankful users shows us that we're not alone with our wish for a faster and more convenient way to access local app data. And that cheers up our little developer hearts quite a bit.

German Book Prize

Every fall the German Publishers & Booksellers Association (Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels) awards the German Book Prize to the best German novel of the year. Since 2012 the selection process is supported by a smartphone app which provides useful information about the nominees as well as sample excerpts. The app utilises our ePub reader with integrated audio player. The longlist, the shortlist and the winner are updated via a server-side administration back end.

Client: snippy GmbH

Baden Self Storage

For Baden Self Storage we developed the technical concept and built the whole website. The key aspect of this portal is a nifty configurator used to individually calculate the required storage space. Users are able to rent storage space directly on the website. The chosen CMS is a lightweight ProcessWire deployment, which we expanded with necessary additional functionality.


When organizing large events one always faces the challenge of quenching the thirst of many people. That's exactly where Cups4Events helps out with renting and selling drinking cups. Our part was the technical concept as well as the implementation of the website. The highlight is the custom-made online shop, developed completely in-house to cater to the specific needs of the company.

Our references

We're happy and proud that our skills have impressed so many well-known clients. Here on our website we can present only a few selected references. Apart from these that there are quite a few other interesting projects we're not allowed to talk about publicly. In case you're curious about our complete portfolio we kindly invite you to a cup of coffee and a friendly chat. Just let us know!

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ALFIX scaffold calculator

The ALFIX scaffold calculator supports the users in finding the right scaffold for their next construction project. With the input of a few values and after selecting some additional options the app helps to assemble all necessary scaffolding materials. The user can also request a proposal directly from the app.

Besides this the ALFIX app also provides additional information about the diverse product range and offers the latest documents and brochures for download. With the help of a map the user can quickly find a sales representative or a storage depot nearby. Through a connection to the ALFIX online shop the user has always the current prices at hand.


One of Germany's leading manufacturers of generic pharmaceuticals came aboard as our - and Agentur Seidel's - client in 2011. Together we developed several corporate websites as well as microsites, all based on the same TYPO3 installation. The project itself proved to be very complex and technically challenging, as we had to integrate a big underlying database infrastructure with APIs and a CRM connection, an isolated area for user groups and modules such as web shops, event calendars and eLearnings. Compared to this developing the front end on a HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript basis was relatively easy.

Aktiv mit MS

With „Aktiv mit MS“ Teva GmbH runs one of the biggest German portals and communities for patients with multiple sclerosis. Aside from a lot of information about living with multiple sclerosis, the users also find a bulletin board for the exchange of ideas and additional training modules for cognitive and physical exercises. The biggest issue here was the modular combination of TYPO3 and the bulletin board software through a custom service API. This API also served as an endpoint for a mobile application which the patients can use alongside the web portal. Another important step was to enable data exchange within internal systems via custom gateways.

Feinhütte Halsbrücke

The foundry Feinhütte Halsbrücke is specialised in extractive metallurgy, alloying and recycling. For this medium-sized enterprise with a long tradition, we created a completely new website. We were responsible for the overall concept, the new corporate design as well as the web design and also for the whole development process. The biggest challenges this projected were a product configurator and the timeline module "400 years of Feinhütte“ based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Sophisticated Living

To properly present the stunning design furniture by Sophisticated Living we took over the technical concept development and the implementation of the new corporate website for the Karlsruhe-based brand. An important part of the site is the custom-made database system for all products and resellers. The whole website is based on MODx for content management and uses modern web standards to fully showcase all the great items. It works, for we'd also love to have one of these fine sofas for our office.


The Nanocenter Dresden is an important contact point for vendors in the field of micro and nano electronics within the technology hub TechnologieZentrum Dresden. In close proximity to the Fraunhofer Institute and many other scientific institutions, high-tech companies can find much-needed facilities for research, development and cooperation under the umbrella of the Nanocenter. Together with Agentur Seidel we developed and implemented this corporate website, which also contains a custom-made module for renting out facility space.